7 Steps to Facebook Ads Success

1) Know your audience

Before you do anything else, be sure you know the audience you’re trying to reach. Everything you do next depends on who that is…

2) Choose several enticing images

Next, choose 4 or more images that are going to attract your targeted audience. Keep in mind that these images have to stand out in people’s newsfeeds, and they have to attract their attention. Feel free to select a variety and narrow your focus during the “testing” step.

3) Write compelling copy

The nice thing about Facebook ads is that you do not need a lot of copy. However, what you do use needs to be really compelling. It has to attract your target audience and make them want to know more… Just don’t go overboard. Your copy must match what you’re offering on the other side, or else it will be counterproductive.

4) Create combinations

Combine the images with the different versions of the copy, so if you have 4 images and 4 different versions of the copy, you’ll end up with 16 combinations. Then create 16 ads, one for each combination.

5) Choose your target audience

Next, once you’ve created the ad, you get to choose your audience. Be sure to choose them by interests and professional background. In fact, choose 3 or 4 different (but similar) audiences. Once you’ve discovered some of your most effective ads, duplicate them and show them to 3 or 4 different audiences – and see which audience gets the best results.

6) Choose your budget

Finally, you need to choose your budget. First, you’ll need a testing budget. You’re going to test to see which combination of copy and images (and audience) is most effective.

The good news is that Facebook is happy to help. They want you to be successful, and they’re helping by keeping track of which versions works best and showing those versions to the most people. That way, you get better results for less money.

7) Ramp up & Repeat the 7 Steps To Facebook Ads Success

Once you know which ads work best, pause the less successful ads and increase your budget for the successful ads. That’s how you can maximize your results.

Later, once you have successful ads and are getting results, you can experiment with new images, with even better copy, and see if you can beat your best results. If not, stop the less successful ads. If you can, add the winners into the equation.

As you can see, the principles aren’t all that difficult. Just remember, one thing you need to make sure of is that your landing page is effective, and that your offer is compelling. Because if they aren’t, you won’t get the results you’re hoping for, no matter how good you get at creating and running Facebook ads.

If you have great landing pages and great offers, on the other hand, Facebook ads can help you get them in front of your audience, and generate sales for you. Look for more about landing pages and offers in my upcoming articles!

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